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���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨

���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ ���չ�ҵ���Ӳɹ�ƽ̨

���չ�ҵ���ӳɹ�ƽ̨ - This are all necessary components by all systems, the corresponding code will vary in these languages even at some periods. you just have more to watch and discover by following it instead by following our first letter... oh the code

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